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Making money on money instead of making things

Making money on money instead of making things

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Originally posted on New Healing Living Art by Ray Tapajna:

About Ray Tapajna Living Journals resources

Tapsearch Com World, featuring Ray Tapajna Living Journal news and resources, now has thousands of resources online. Search under tapsearch.com, ray tapajna live or tapart news.

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Lebron James is not the merchant of Venice

This is our response to :

LeBron’s return worth millions to Cleveland, Cuyahoga County

The Plain Dealer

by Andrew Tobias – 1 day ago – Ed FitzGerald: LeBron’s return worth millions to Cleveland, Cuyahoga County. LeBron James. LeBron James is worth millions to Cuyahoga .

The sports, gambling and for the most part all entertainment industries do not represent any real economy. The core of the money flow has to come from somewhere else. Most of all the above do not create new money or recycle the economy.  And most in some way  are  also supported or were funded in part by taxpayer money.  Also things like alcoholic beverages are actually a money source for government too. This means people pay taxes on consumption. This in essence is a tariff.  It is about money going around and around without ever creating any new money flow.

 A real value added economy has about five stages of added value from the raw product level up through about five levels of added value to the retail or end user level.  All parts are need to recycle any real economy, Otherwise the money is moving from place to place with no added value and perhaps even as a lost to the community as a whole especially when people are spending money they do not have to spend on extracurricular activities.  

 Also, the coming of the Republican Convention is funded mainly  by  money flowing from government sources including taxpayers

Furthermore sports stars like LeBron who make money on endorsements from corporations like NIKE live off the suffering of others. NIKE shoes are made by impoverished and underclass workers.  

 It is OK to enjoy all the extracurricular events but there is not a way a for society  survive this way. The fall of Rome with all its gladiator and colosseum events prove this to be true.


It is really all about you in the global economic arena

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Ray Tapajna‘s insight:

Free trade is an economic disease. Pres. Franklin Roosevelt said, economic diseases are highly communicable.  In essence, when we shop we affect a vast number or people. A good economy is as local as possible in a balanced geopolitical setting where a community can share in all the rewards of making or growing something. There are at least five levels of added value from the raw product going  through refinishing processes , distribution etc up to the retail or end user level. If any of  these levels are missing the added value goes some where else in the world. It is not there to recycle the economy for the best for the community.


Free trade is a disease because it transmit the least possible return for labor and workers. Free trade is about moving production from place to place for the sake of cheaper labor.  With more than a billion people in the world who are willing to work for practically nothing in the free trade process, the economic disease transmit poverty and not prosperity.  The value of workers and labor is deflated and degraded. This value should be an added value for all in a society.

Instead, a new working poor class has replaced the production worker middle class.  There is also a vast unreported underclass who are living in an unreported silent depression. The economic disease has reached a point where the working poor and the underclass can not even afford the cheaper imports because their value has been degraded to a lower wage value . The investment community thrives on this because they are divorced from production and can make money on money no matter where the production is in the world. The value of workers and labor represents trillions of dollars in value lost forever due to free trade.


However, our economy based on making money on money instead of making things is burning out too. President Obama had to bail out big money, the investment communities, banks, wall street an the "too big to fail" corporations. They received a vaccine for the economic disease but it will not last long enough for any real change to take place. The free trade economic disease keeps spreading and spreading.






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The illusions of skills gap





 – Geopolitical Economic Ethics and the Life Ideal

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Is  there  really a – Skills gap- ?

Plantation Owner Mentality

economic scam, free traders, plantation owner mentality, jobs, workers,

Plantation Owner Mentality Takes Over
President Obama bails out big money and investment houses and puts them back in charge of a failed economic system

Ray Tapajna Living Journals.  http://tapsearch.com/communications-by-rank

A newspaper headline reads:

‘Skills gap’ leaves 3 million jobs open
Is there really a skills gap or is there much more to this story ?

Again Politifact Ohio, a fact finding, so called Truth-O-Meter, misdirects a focus of an issue just my their process.They report there are 3 million jobs that are vacant each month in the U.S. There may be 3 million jobs open because the employers can not find skilled workers but this is not the core story behind the problem. I tell the young people to stay away from high technology and look for something unique where they can not be used as economic cannon fodder. High technology industries for the most part, only offer transient type jobs. Our region once was considered to be one of the best high technology centers in the country until free trade came. More than a thousands of computer businesses went out of business in just Ohio, Michigan and Pennsylvania. Nationally, about 100 major computer manufacturers closed down too or moved factories outside of the country.  Once there were at least 50,000 workers supporting all these manufacturers in our region. Nationally, millions of workers in the computer industry have
lost their jobs since the late 1980s. It will take a very long time before things level out, if ever.

It also should be noted that the computer industry was started and thrived for many years based on in house training. It took the colleges many years to formulate decent computer education to compete with what was happening in the computer industry. Being part of every computer generation, I attended several corporate computer schools myself. Companies now want off the shelf experience workers who are supposed to be ready and on call as needed. Plus many of the high technology jobs these days only offer entry level pay. Workers can make more waiting on tables in good restaurants.

Going further back in time, I had several factory jobs while going to college. It was the factory foremen who took the young off the street and trained them. By the time, I graduated from college, I was a good spot welder, machine operator, inventory control manager, set up man for two assembly lines and much more. Back then, companies trained the workers and in turn many workers made enough money to get married, have children with some raising large families, buy a home and help send their children through college. If these jobs were available today, millions of workers would be standing in line to get them.

I do not know why newspapers keep peddling propaganda about the work day. I think most newspapers are controlled by selfish interests and are globalist free traders. They choose to destroy the value of workers and labor while publishing out of focus reports about the so call ‘skill gap’. There is no skill gap in America but there are forces in place to degrade and deflate the value of workers and labor not only in America but across the globe. They change the focus of issues to fit their globalization process. It is really a road to nowhere for them too.


Need to recyle our economy – free trade not green

 From the Ethics Box  – Geopolitical Economic Ethics and the Life Ideal
Economic Day, Business Ethics and earlier posts explore the life ideal in the study of personality, character, self-improvement with speaking and writing hints and tips are still available to be viewed here

Need to recycle our economy too. Free trade not green.

Ray Tapajna Living Journals


dirty manfacturing, black smoke, ships

Coming to America in Black Smoke


We need to recycle our dirty economies too

Many people and communities are into recycling materials and think they are doing something good. They are to an extent but there is much more to the pollution problem than this. Free trade has impacted the way we do things deeply. Not much is said about the packaging and paper industry, products now require a lot of protection traveling up to 8000 miles to get to the market.

We wrote about the 8000 mile energy light bulb that uses enormous amounts of energy to get to market from dirty factories in China where mercury is on the factory floors. ( See Dirty Energy saving devices travel 8000 miles from dirty factories in China where mercury is out in the open on factory floors. Where even pregnant women workers get cut by the glass. Dirty Energy Saving Contradictions ) But there is even more to the story than this related to all goods we import.

As ships get bigger, the pollution is getting worse. The most staggering statistic of all is that just 16 of the world’s largest ships can produce as much lung-clogging sulphur pollution as all the world’s cars.

Fred Pierce, UK Environmental Consultant for Scientist magazine, described the conditions like this. “We’ve all noticed it. The filthy black smoke kicked out by funnels on cross-Channel ferries, cruise liners, container ships, oil tankers and even tugboats.”

“It looks foul, and leaves a brown haze across ports and shipping lanes. But what hasn’t been clear until now is that it is also a major killer, probably causing thousands of deaths in Britain alone.”

The super container ships burn the cheapest, filthiest, high-sulphur fuel available. Nobody on land is allowed to use it. Millions of people are affected by it. The ports in the United States where tons of imports come in everyday are nests of deaths. There are no walls in the sky to protect the atmosphere.
The large trucks and container railroads flowing from the port, add to the problem as does all the hidden factors like the protective packaging needed for the long haul ride. The trucks fan out for miles around the ports invading the countryside.

There are now about 100,000 ships being used to support our long haul shipping needs and thousands more of the super container ships are being built. If only 16 super ships do as much damage as they do, just think what thousands more will do.

I also wonder how the overhead costs of long haul shipping is affordable through the process of free trade. This can only exists if the cost of labor and workers is very cheap. And as the process creates new working poor classes in the more prosperous nations the need for cheaper and cheaper labor is required to balance out the difference between consumers having high enough wages to support the process where more than a billion workers are ready to world for practically nothing to survive.

So the next time, you take out your recycles to the curb, think about all of this. If our value added local economies still existed there would be very little to take to the dump. We need to think more about recycling our economies rather that materials that never should have existed in the first place. How is all this excess stuff affecting the health of our children and future generations.
Our globalist free trade world is beginning to stink in more ways than one.
Explore the lost worlds in the globalist free trade Flat World.

Free Trade and Globalization commoditise workers




The Rationale Quest – Politics, Economics and Philosophy  Explore the latent response of philosophy and philosophy to the global economic arena. Early posts include the study of heresies in the early church and the problems of Liberalism and Raw Capitalism in our times
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Workers are – commoditized – in global arenaFebruary 23rd 2009 21:04
By Ray Tapajna, Editor and Artist at Tapart News and Art that Talks see mobile user friendly summary of articles

Free Trade and Globalization have “commoditised” workers. Have workers become the “stepchildren” of philosophy and religion ?

Workers Dignity is challenged in the global economy with philosophy and religion seemingly standing on the side lines and just watching the degradation of the value of workers in more ways than one. Workers have been put on a global block to compete with one another for the same jobs down to the levels of wage slave and even child labor. It is not only an economic problem but also a religious and philosophical one too.

As we noted at Bizarre Politics , the value of workers and labor in economics is a real tangible one and acts as a real money standard since the money standard of paper money is based on the makeup of a whole society or nation. Labor represents a major part of it. So it is nonsensical to discount this value and expect the value of paper money not to degrade in the process. The old money standard was based on gold but gold proved to be too much of a powerful static value for the investment community with all their speculative money products. The gold standard was switched to just printing images on paper and calling it money. To add a money value to it, all kinds of speculative money games are played while the most important part is ignored – the value of workers and labor.

In reference to the common good, workers and labor are the essence of it. Even Adam Smith held workers and labor as something sacred and the core of society. All economic life should set upom the priorities of ” the least among us” . The Free Enterprise system should fill this need and in turn make it easier for all people to be good . However, the Free Enterprise system has been smashed by the Free Market in an anything goes environment.

Consumers are also responsible. If you asked people as consumers, what they think about companies that sell under cost just to take markets away from other companies who do not have enough capital to sell their products under costs for a long time. They will usually give you a blank look. The victor will always be the company with the most money. When asked about this, some say it is none of their business of how a company can sell goods under costs. However, Christians and all people with good will should know better and do something about it. They should ask about the conditions behind the bargains they search for knowing “lost leader” economies to not work and nor to they satisfied the common good.

1. First of all, we should all act on the principle that an economy exists for the common good.

2. Labor is not a tool of capitalism but capitalism should be the tool of all for a better life. Neither Communism or unbridled Capitalism work.

3. All our economic choices should be judged according to human dignity and the way to enhance it and not degrade it.

4. All in society have the right to secure productive work, just wages, benefits and decent working conditions. When workers are displaced, there has to be institutions ready to fill in the voids. The term underemployment was used quite a bit in the past but has lost its meaning in our economy. Only 37 per cent of all American workers qualify for unemployment insurance. The majority do not make enough money in any given period or have a job long enough to qualify. Part-time jobs , temporary jobs , contract labor , leased jobs and casual casual labor positions have taken over. Hardly no one asks where and what are the workers doing who do not qualify for unemployment insurance. There is no data about this void in our economy.

5. Everyone has the right to make enough money to have a family and have enough left over to support the broader society and those who fall through the cracks in any economy.

6. This should all happen in vibrant human dynamic environment where a level playing field is guaranteed. Big money and big government has distorted this just need. Those who control the Free Market should know that the degradation of the value of workers and labor impacts their money and investments too. They should know that any attack on the common good is an attack on all in a society.

I was actually told that the children in India are happy to get the jobs that pay pennies a day to help support their families. Is this what the Free Market is all about ? Do we live off the suffering of children like this across the globe ? Apparently, we do.
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